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The world is in motion, but how do you make sure that HR moves with it?

The world is in constant motion. Nowadays, organisations compete with others all over the world. Customers keep getting more assertive. A series of bad reviews on Facebook can badly damage an organisations image. Being able to deal with this, is very demanding for an organisation and its employees. Both will have to be flexible, skilled and should constantly keep developing.

HR is the ideal tool to use for these developments, by creating a customized team with the perfect balance. To do this, information is needed about competences, motivation and methods of working. Powerteam Testing offers innovative tools to extract this information. This will give you the ability to be flexible and to move with the changes and of course: to make the next step in HR.

Bedrijfs-DNA assessment

Doel: Matchen cultuur organisatie en werknemers Organisaties presenteren het beste als de werknemers dezelfde werkwaarden delen. In deze test gaan we daarom op zoek naar de cultuur van de organisatie. Deze kunnen we vervolgens koppelen aan de kenmerken van een kandidaat.

Why Powerteam Testing?

For the next step in HR

Smart tools

Powerteam Testing’s online tools provide you with an extra sense. We also offer customized tests and would like to give you a second opinion and upgrade to your own test.


The basic form of all our tests has already been created in the 80’s and has been developed further ever since.


We offer you, and your participants, assistance and guidance via telephone and email. But we also offer trainings to further help you and your organisation.


From the first time of logging in to the report, the entire logistics will be taken care of for you.

Your partner in HR

Powerteam Testing combines its many years of experience in ICT with a thorough scientific knowledge of psychological tests. Based on this, we offer online assessments that provide you with insight in your employees and the organisation. This is like having extra senses. Powerteam Training and Powerteam Publishing offer support with this, by means of trainings and books.


Online assessments


Training individuals and groups


Publisher of great books written by outstanding trainers

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